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Business Mentors Network is a group of well-connected, vetted professionals that brings wide range of expertise to your business needs. We share our expertise for better results by providing you with inspiration and perspectives. All of our Mentors share a common vision, to help business succeed. Contact us today to arrange for a discovery call and find out how we can help.
Business Mentors Network Mentoring Process
Stephan Orlob - Bismentors

Stephan Orlob

Founder & Chief Mentor

Drawing on over 20 years experience, Stephan has held senior executive roles around the world with the likes of Sony, Wolters Kluwer, FujiFilm, has consulted for a variety of startups as well as professional services firms. Stephan holds a specialist BA in Economics, Commerce and Political Science from University of Toronto. Served as Director on numerous Boards, Canadian Association of Credit Counselling Services (CACCS & OACCS), Community Care, Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative and Electro-federation.

Stephan also Mentors for The Forum (formerly The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs - FWE), Futurpreneur, Markham Small Business Centre and Business Advisory Centre Durham. 

As Chief Mentor, Stephan will help map out the components for your mentoring program and co-ordinate all aspects of the process. 

Stephan Orlob - Bismentors

Martin Gierczak

Business Mentor

Genesis Resiliency was founded by Martin to help business and organizations build continuity strategies that improve operational resiliency.

They have a unique approach to resiliency that blends the best of traditional business continuity practices together with Agile, Lean Six Sigma and Information Mapping methodologies to solve real-world challenges that require a responsive and tailored support framework.

Martin's expertise includes Business Continuity, Continuity Improvement, Resiliency Project Management, Health & Safety, Return to Workplace and Security & Emergency Preparedness. Now more than ever, this vital component in business cannot be ignored and actually helps drive success.

Martin is ready to support your business create new paths to grow, profitably!

Marlon Shaw - Speak & Grow Your Business

Marlon Shaw

Speaking / Coaching Mentor

Marlon is the founder of Speak And Grow Your Business. As an award winning inspirational speaker, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and certified speaking coach with 25 years of entrepreneurial experience; Marlon's SAGYB program was created with the flexible to provide both business and speaking coaching to ensure you are well prepared to use speaking as a marketing strategy and you have the required business fundamentals in place.

The foundation of Speak And Grow Your Business is the Entrepreneurial Public speaking Solution: a proven system that combines the art and science of world-class speaking as an effective marketing strategy to stand-out from the competition, increase your credibility and attract more clients.

Marlon's deep entrepreneurial experience paired with his vision, makes him a partularly popular Mentor and as part of this program or thru his own offerings, adds tremendous value to business. 

Francesco Ientile - Sandler Training

Franceso Ientile

Sales & Leadership Mentor

Francesco is the Executive Trainer and Coach of Beyond Growth, Sandler Training. He's the catalyst for meaningful change. He helps you achieve more of what you want, faster and easier than if you tried to do it alone. Since life is short, and your career even shorter, my purposeful approach helps you achieve transformative outcomes in both work and life.

What sets me apart are the insights I deliver. I innovate, share knowledge, and discover choices you can use for better decision-making with power, focus and ease. I train, coach, consult, and mentor. With my clients, I co-create the strategy and actions to achieve what you want. Together it can be faster, less difficult, and outstanding.

Mentoring Packages

COVID-19 situation has impacted all of our lives and businesses. All services are being delivered virtually. Contact us today on how these can be customized for your Small Business needs.

  • Introductory Package - 4 sessions to pivot your operations - one session with 2 Mentors.
  • Grow Your Business With Marketing Package - Marketing Mentor and one other Mentor - 6 or 12 months of support.
  • Communication & Media Package - Dedicated Speaking Coach, Social Media and Marketing Mentors to find the right combination of communicating to the right audience, using the right platforms and having clear call to actions - 6 or 12 months of support.

Additional Packages coming in 2023.

Some Things To Think About

Why consider working with a Mentor:

  1. Mentors provide knowledge & information.
  2. Mentors can see where to improve, we'll be upfront and honest.
  3. Mentors help stimulate growth, professional & personal.
  4. We bring discipline & boundaries.
  5. Mentors are great sounding boards, balancing potential and risks.
  6. We're connected and trusted advisors - we're on your side.
  7. We help bring more value and uncover new opportuities.

Extra Value For You

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